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Steppes Fall Court

Looking for something to do before between Crown and Namron... but don't want to travel a long distance? Want a fun event where you can kick butt... poison your enemies ( and friends) and live to tell about it? Archers...are those pesky rats getting you down? Equestrians ...wanna play on horseback?
Come to the Fall Court of Their Excellencies Mushir 'Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim and Duchess Valeria Richila Navarro on Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th.
We have a wonderful 20 acre site to play on thanks to the generosity of Master Petruccio and several ...umm...unusual scenarios are planned. Bring out your combat archery gear, heavy weapons and rapier gear for the brigand hunt. Yes all 3 will be in one scenario. How many times have you fought in a battle, and felt like turning traitor? for this game you may well get the chance, plus you will get to fight a bridge battle and forest battle all in one scenario.
Take part in Her Excellencies "wheel tourney" to crown the Harvest King (or queen) and their consort.
Join His Excellencies Quest.
Archers, join us for a plague shoot.
Equestrians, we have a games day planned for you.
And in between, join our assassins game...prizes will be awarded for the most attempts made on someones life, the most kills, the most original kill, and for the person who manages to avoid being killed all day. And yes, we will have a version of the game for the children as well.
We also will be having a potluck dinner feast. the Barony has provided the meat and Countess Regina has graciously offered not only to cook for us, but will also be teaching a class in period outdoor cooking.
Master Vincenzio , our Minister of Arts and Sciences will be sponsoring an A&S competition with the theme of Heraldry, be it personal, Baronial, or Kingdom.
Saturday evening we will have a Bardic circle...please remember that we are trying to keep Bardic  family oriented before 10 pm...after that, parents, it will be your responsiblity to decide if you wish your kids to be present.

We also will be having a special revel just for the teens to be hosted by Lady Helene.

Gate will be $5.00 adults...$3.00 kids 5-12 under 5 free . 3.00 non member fee. Family cap 16.00 non member cap 19.00 .

Site opens: 7:00 am

Gate opens: 8:00 am

Opening Court: 10:00 am or at Their Excellencies' pleasure

Games begin: 11:45 am

Equestrian, Archery, Brigand hunt, poisoning game, A&S Competition

Break for lunch: 1:30 pm

Games resume: 2:45 pm

Wheel Tourney, Quest, Hand Kissing competition, Groveling contest,A&S competition

Potluck Dinner Feast: 5:30 pm

Evening Court 6:30 pm or at Their Excellencies' pleasure

Bardic Circle: 8:00 pm please keep it family rated til 10 pm

Teen Revel: 8:00 pm

Closing Court: 11:00 am Sunday, or at their Excellencies pleasure


Master Petruccio and Mistress Ronna's

8718 County Road 2276.
Quinlan Tx 75474
Mapquest or Google maps will give excellent directions. signs will also be posted.

Make your best way to I -30 East toward Texarkana (approx 16.9 miles if you are coming from the 635 east). Take I-30 from Rockwall beyond Royce City to the exit for 36, come south on 36 to 2278, and left there to the "T" intersection with Maddie/2276. Then left on Maddie/2276 the short hop to the gate. The property is on the left, address 8718 is on the beatup mailbox at the gate.

Here is a compilation of MapQuest directions coming from Rockwall on I-30 to County Road 36 (feel free to use them or not, as you wish, and/or to add wherever you'll be putting SCA signs): 1. Stay on I-30 E, and from the 205/Goliad sign go approximately 16 miles. Total Est. Time: 15 minutes // Total Est. Distance: 16 miles. 2. Take EXIT 85 toward FM-36 / CADDO MILLS, go <0.1 miles; 3. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto I-30 E frontage road, go 0.8 miles; 4. Turn RIGHT onto FM 36 / S FM 36, go 7.5 miles; 5. Turn LEFT onto CR-2278, go 1.3 miles to top of "T" intersection; Total Est. Time: 25 minutes // Total Est. Distance: 15.56 miles. 6. At "T" intersection, turn LEFT onto CR-2276 / MATTIE RD toward CR-2280, go 0.1 miles and turn LEFT at SECOND DRIVEWAY AND MAILBOX on the LEFT, marked 8718. Fields are recently mowed, and gate will be open. Total Est. Time: 0 minutes // Total Est. Distance: 0.15 miles. Complete estimated time and distance from Rockwall 205/Goliad sign to site: 40 minutes, 31.71 miles.

Coming from North of Quinlan from Highway 380 through Caddo Mills: Come straight down State Highway 36, across I-30, and follow the website directions to County Roads 2278, 2276, and the site. Coming from North of Quinlan: Make your best way to Greenville. State Hwy 34 comes south through Greenville, across I-30, and through Cash and Boles Home to Quinlan. You'll come to two "T" intersection stop lights. Make a right turn (west) at the *second* one (there's a Dairy Queen on the left). Time to the site from Greenville is about 25 minutes. The rest is after the next two paragraphs, below.

Coming from South of Quinlan: Make your best way to Terrell. State Hwy 34 comes north off of I-20 and through Terrell to Quinlan. You'll come to two "T" intersection stop lights, with the first one only going right -- that's not the one you want. Make a left turn (west) at the *second* one (there's a Dairy Queen on the right). Time to the site from Terrell is about 25 minutes. The rest is after the next paragraph, below.

Coming from Southeast of Quinlan: Make your best way to Wills Point. Follow the signs pointing you to Lake Tawakoni. You will turn left onto State Highway 751. Follow 751 until it intersects with State Highway 276 at a "T" intersection stop light. You can only go right or left -- you want to turn *left*. Stay on it until you come to another "T" intersection stop light, where you can only go right or left -- you want to turn *right*. Now you're on State Highway 34. At the next stop light (another "T" intersection) you can either go straight or left -- you want to turn *left* (you'll be on State Highway 276). Time to the site from Wills Point is about 30 minutes. And follow the rest in the next paragraph, below.

At this point, you are about 3 miles from the site. Be careful: the speed limit in town is 30 mph, and they mean it (on your right, you'll pass some homes, some apartments, the court annex and City Hall, then some small businesses). Almost a mile off of 34, watch on your right for the Noah Cosby Print Shop: there's a blue Noah's Ark as a logo. You'll pass it and turn right (north) there (Fifth Street). Stay on Fifth Street -- it will turn left to the west, and then right to the north, but keep going. There are no street signs, but if you MapQuest, you'll see you're on County Road 2276. You will pass County Road 2278 that takes off to your left, and then you'll pass County Road 2280 taking off to your right. The site is the second mailbox on your left after you pass County Road 2278.

Rebbe ( Lady) Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
Lord Torquil Seamus of the Dragon's Laire
6320 Campbell Rd #1411
Dallas TX 75248
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